3 Things To Do After Getting Braces
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3 Things To Do After Getting Braces

A close-up of a mouth with braces and someone flossing in-between them

Many people opt for metal braces to correct dental misalignments or to straighten their teeth. The chances are that your orthodontist may have given you a list of dos and don'ts that you need to follow to ensure that the effects of your treatment continue once you leave the orthodontist's office.

But if you were too woozy to pay attention at the time, here are a few precautions you should always take while wearing braces.

  • Pay Attention to What You Eat
    Arguably, the biggest change that braces will bring in your life is restricting various foods from your diet. The wires on braces are delicate and can break easily. Hence, it is essential to avoid foods that can cause them to break. Additionally, food that can get stuck on the teeth should be avoided, as trying to clean them out while wearing braces will be challenging. These foods include nuts, sticky candies, popcorn, raw fibrous vegetable, bagels, burgers and sandwiches, tough meat, peanut butter, etc.
  • Use an Oral Irrigator
    Ensuring that your teeth are clean at all times is crucial, especially while you're wearing braces. If foods get stuck in the wires, it can cause plaque to build-up on your teeth. To remove the plaque and food particles from your teeth, use an oral irrigator. Water from the oral irrigator's tank at moderate pressure can help dislodge food, bacteria, and plaque from your gums. However, using an oral irrigator does not mean you can get away without brushing and flossing.
  • Floss At Least Once A Day
    Proper flossing can prevent various dental problems such as bad breath and tooth decay. Although it is recommended to floss at least once a day, it is a good idea to carry a container of floss with you during the day. You can use it to remove any food that gets stuck between your teeth.

If you are still wondering about getting braces and live in Colorado Springs, consider visiting Lockett Orthodontics. Dr. Rhoda Lockett is an excellent orthodontist who will guide you through the entire process.

Posted on Jan 25, 2021
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