Dental Retainers

Dental Retainers

Once orthodontic treatment is complete, maintaining your new smile is the next long-term goal. You will begin the retention period of your orthodontic care once braces are removed. This step is extremely important to keeping your teeth aligned! Once teeth have been moved into correct position, time is needed to stabilize the entire mouth. This is a lifetime maintenance process that will need to be integrated into your daily routines.

What To Expect:

Up to this point, your orthodontic treatment has been a team effort. Dr. Rhoda Lockett has been here every step of the way as your teeth have been moved into the correct position. Now, it's up to you to maintain your smile!

Initially, your retainers may feel bulky and may affect your speech. Once the tongue adapts (usually after a few days), your speech will return back to normal. In the days after you receive your retainers, your teeth may feel a bit sore. This will resolve itself quickly with continuous wear.

We offer two kinds of retainers, fixed and removable. A fixed retainer is simply a metal bar that is placed on the inside of the teeth to ensure they do not move again. A removable retainer is worn typically at night while you sleep, and can be removed during daytime activities. Initially, you may need to wear your retainer during the day as well, until your mouth has been stabilized.

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