Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth or teeth can be a complicating factor in some orthodontic cases. Impaction means that the teeth have become trapped under the gums and cannot erupt or grow into place by themselves. It’s not always known what causes tooth impaction, but some reasons can include genetics, crowding of the teeth, trauma, or an abnormal size and shape of the tooth. In many cases, simply creating space for the impacted tooth will allow it to erupt into the mouth. However, this is sometimes not enough, and surgical intervention may be required.

What to expect during impaction surgery

  • First, a small incision will be made in your gum and a small amount of bone may need to be removed to uncover the tooth.
  • After the tooth is exposed, a bracket or chain will be bonded to your tooth to allow traction to be placed on the tooth. This will help to bring the tooth into the mouth.
  • As the tooth erupts into the mouth, a conventional bracket will be placed on your tooth and it can finally be moved into its final position.

Dr. Rhoda Lockett would be happy to evaluate your impacted tooth and address any other orthodontic concerns that you may have.

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