Eating Disorders & Their Impact On Your Dental Health
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Eating Disorders & Their Impact On Your Dental Health

Eating Disorders & Their Impact On Your Dental Health  While most people associate eating disorders with teenage girls and young female adults, the truth is that millions of Americans suffer from some form of an eating disorder – no matter their age or gender. It’s becoming more common for dental professionals to be the first to catch the signs of an eating disorder in a patient.

Anorexia (starvation) and bulimia (frequent, self-induced vomiting after meals) both have a noticeable effect on the teeth. This means that dentists may be able to spot the telltale signs of an eating disorder early on.

Eating Disorders & How They Damage The Teeth

Of all the eating disorders, bulimia is the one that has the largest impact on your dental health. In fact, around 90% of those who struggle with bulimia will show signs of tooth erosion. This is due to the enamel of the teeth coming into frequent contact with stomach acid.

Unfortunately, you cannot regrow your tooth enamel. However, there are plenty of restorative options that can help you to reestablish the function and appearance of teeth that have been damaged.

While bulimia will show the most signs, anorexia can be seen in the teeth as well. Because of a lack of nutrition, anorexics may have weaker or more brittle teeth. This can result in more cases of tooth decay, dental cavities, and cracked or broken teeth.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, make an appointment with your doctor, or visit for support and information.

To learn more about caring for your teeth, or to make an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation, please contact Lockett Orthodontics today. Our office is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

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